And We're Home

Well around 2:30 yesterday I got the call to go get hubby.  So I started the drive to Johns Hopkins.  When I got around Westminster there was a detour; when I hit I-695 the traffic was moving slowly...but I arrived and hubby and I were able to leave the hospital around 6:15 and were home about 8:00.  Traffic was normal on the way home.

Hubby always has an issue with urinating after surgery - he can't.  He has issues in this area normally anyway, but this time it was worse so he has a catheter.  He'll see a urologist locally on Wednesday.  They said an enlarged prostate is very normal after surgery in men his age, so not to worry.  But other than getting the dogs to settle and not jump on him, we've done well.

And yeah, I'm still exhausted!