Well the cold is almost gone and I'm beginning to feel human again.  It's not easy being sick at my house, there are dogs that need walked several times when you are home with them.  Love them dearly, but there are times you just want to rest!  (Future home project:  fence yard).

Anyway, sickness threw my diet totally off.  Every time I think I'm back on track, something happens.  I really need to do this; I know I can do it - so I need to JUST DO IT!

My co-worker lost 4 lbs. her first week on Weight Watchers - WAY TO GO!  Another co-worker pm'd me and said she had started and also lost 4 lbs. her first week.  You can't help but be happy for these people and it just goes to show you that the program does work if you JUST DO IT!

Came across this quote on another blog (and it so makes sense):

"If you fail to plan; you plan to fail."

So let's plan those menus this week and get moving!!