Roadside Attraction - South of the Border

If you ever travel the East Coast via I-95 then you've probably heard of or driven by South of the Border.  You really can't miss it, you'll see billboards for it for over a hundred miles!!  It's right at the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

When I was little we drove to Disney World and on the way back stopped at South of the Border.  I was in awe with the place.  It had EVERYTHING.  I remember being mad because my mother wouldn't buy me EVERYTHING!

I hadn't been there in years and years but on the way to Myrtle Beach we pass it.  One year Hubby and I decided to stop.  What a disappointment....  most of it was closed and in ruins.  I walked into the bathroom and refused to go further then the doorway - what filth.  Right outside the bathroom was a "dog area" which looked like no one had cleaned in over 10 years. was disappointing, especially since the highway signs had all been replaced.

Apparently between that year and this year, someone took over.  CC and I stopped on our way home and the place is much cleaner, painted, thriving with business...some things are still closed down but it looks as though someone decided to save this roadside attraction.

Some Photos:

Above is supposedly an actual shark, CC and I thought it looked plastic - but we're no experts-lol!!

So if you're heading down (or up) I-95...give this a look, it's a fun stop once again!