Movie Review Thursdays - Paranormal Activity 4

I’m going to try to do a movie review weekly.  Movie reviews will contain spoilers – so don’t say you weren’t warned.

See the little kid standing in the driveway in the middle of the night?  See him suddenly look up at the window as though he knows he’s being watched?  Creepy with a capital “C”.  Watch it again….great, huh?  Be glad you saw it here as it never happens in the movie.

I’m going to be honest.  The Paranormal Activity movies have not been favorites of mine.  I anxiously waited for one of my local theatres to get the first movie.  CC and I ate dinner at The House of Kobe, had drinks at Funkstown Tavern, then headed to the theater.  Nothing happened in this movie until the very end, but by the time it was happening – the movie was over.  What was all the rave about with this movie???  It sucked big time!

But it generated enough hoopla to bring a Part 2.  Again, some creepy scenes, but nothing really happens.  Another disappointment.

By Part 3 they kind of had gotten it right.  They went back when the two sisters were little girls and showed where the whole thing began.  Nothing is creepier in horror movies than little kids.  Still left some questions, not a totally great movie but it is the best of the three.

Now Part 4 has arrived.  If you’re unfamiliar with these movies they are all done as if they are home movies.  Think Blair Witch style (which by the way is another terrible movie) and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  The people either have cameras set up in certain areas of the house running non-stop or someone is constantly walking around filming everything they do (because we all do this).

The Bad

(shaking head)….Where do I begin?

I should of known that when my one cousin posted on FaceBook what a piece of crap this movie was that I should of avoided it big time (she tends to like everything, even crappy movies); but CC and I like making our own opinions, so last night we headed for dinner and then to the theater to see Part 4.

Do you like watching paint dry?  Well, if you do then you’ll love this movie!  Yep, that’s what it was like.  A whole lot of potential here, but nothing really happens.  You just keep sitting and watching and waiting for it – but it never comes.  Leaves many, many questions…..

1.         Who is Robbie?  Where did he come from?  What happened to him?  One minute he’s a big part of
the film, the next it is like he never existed (oh who am I kidding, he just was gone like he never was there in the first place).

2.         Lots of nothing being recorded – maybe a few things.  These films are reviewed, questioned, but nothing further.  Then things pick up a little, there’s some creepy things happening on film now, but no one bothers to review these, so no one knows what is going on.

3.         Seriously, you take the camera with you everywhere????  You see your brother and Robbie walk across the street to Robbie’s house – you actually are filming them as they do this.  You go after them with the camera, no one answers the door, you let yourself in.  Robbie and his mother live here?  All the furniture is covered up.  You don’t find that strange???  Apparently not.

4.         At some point we discover that Wyatt is really Hunter (the baby missing since Part 2).  He was adopted to this family.  Really???  Why???  How???  I question this because; quite clearly on video in Part 2 – Katie kills the parents, picks up Hunter and walks away with him.  Neither has been seen since.  At what point did Katie hand him over to an adoption agency?  Even if she just left him in a safe haven to be makes no sense.  The demon possessed her as he wanted Hunter.  Why give him up at all?  Raise him in some unknown location until he’s at the age the demon needs him to be.  This whole part makes no sense what-so-ever.     And HELLO – he’s a missing child, that’s national news – didn’t anyone check this out?

5.         Any time you are out of range of the cameras, you conveniently have the hand held one with you – even when you’re somewhat creeped out.      Note:  according to the "all knowings" at the imdb board; this filming was more likely being done with a cell phone.  I can buy that, but still you have the video app running ALL THE TIME?

6.         You just discover your boyfriend dead in your closet.  You come out into your room, an unseen being grabs you and you run (or are dragged by the being, don’t remember which it was and frankly don’t care) from the bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door (all conveniently recorded by the well placed cameras in the house).  Wow – that would be scarey wouldn’t it?  You’d be absolutely terrified…but some where a long the way, you managed to grab the hand held camera (or according to the "all knowings" at imdb, your cell phone) to record everything outside the house!  Really?  REALLY?  Something you can’t see has a hold of you and you’re first reaction is to grab the camera/cell phone?

7.         Whole lot happening at the end….but again, the movie is over just as it is getting started.  WHY????

The last question I can answer – oh yes, Part 5 is coming and it will answer all these questions in what is to be the final installment.  And CC and I will be there because we just can’t help ourselves – we just hold out hope for these movies.

The Good

The very best thing about this movie is that the cat doesn’t die.  It’s the only character in the entire film that you make any connection with and care about – cat lives, happy ending.