Holey Moley - We Have Voles!!

We have voles at work...yep, you read that correctly - voles - with a "v" and not just one but an entire community - dozens!!

Still haven't a clue what I'm talking about right?  Well you know what a mole is right?  Those little critters that burrow into your landscape?  Well a vole is kind of like that except they look more like mice.

Both grassy areas in front of our building are loaded with them.  It's rather interesting.  They have all these holes and they've made trails leading from one hole to the next.  Looks like a Habitrail.  You can actually stand out front and watch them run from one hole to the next.  Most aren't even afraid of humans, you can actual see them quite close up.

This is a vole:

I'm going to take my camera in and see if I can get some photos of ours.