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I’m not doing well weight loss wise, I’m just not “on plan”.

Half the battle with weight loss is having your mind in the right place.  I always tell everyone that – “If your mind is not there, you won’t get it done.”  And that’s so true…I wish I could get back the enthusiasm I had when I started Weight Watchers over 2 years ago.

And now, I just may have…

A co-worker from one of the other divisions (and who I went to training with back in August) has recently started Weight Watchers (she did it many moons ago and since it has been so long, it’s like starting fresh).  She’s not at the same center as I am, but she has that newbie excitement and wants to discuss things…and well it is starting to rub off.  And I can’t really have her coming into work announcing weight losses without my own now can I?

Fridays are the first of my week anyway…and though I was just skipping breakfast, after she left my office I pulled out one of my oatmeal packs and had that with a banana.  My old tired and true usual breakfast I had back when I started Weight Watchers.  And you know, it was pretty good!

I know where I have to make some changes: 

Drink more water – I have been living off diet soda for a while now and I know that is not good.

Weigh and measure – over time you start just eyeballing those portions – they tend to continue to get bigger…so back to the right size.

Track – Probably every successful weight plan recommends keeping a food diary, I have been bad with that and considering I can do it with my computer and cell phone, there’s no excuse.

Weigh-in – Haven’t weighed in at the center in 2 weeks, oh I do it at home, but I need to do it there weekly for the accountability.

So who’s with me?  Whether you are in a rut, starting over, starting new – any plan you choose….let’s start together today!!


“If you kind of do it, it kind of works…
If you really do it, it really works!"


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