Cleaning Tip

Fortunately for me I have a self-cleaning oven or else the oven would never get clean.  Though the oven gets clean, the oven racks normally don't.  They don't fit the sink, they just don't come clean.

This weekend while the oven self-cleaned, I got online to see if there was an easy way to clean the racks.  And by gosh there was!! On One Good Thing By Jillee I found this:  An Almost Effortless Way To Clean Your Oven Racks.  Obviously you can click the link and it will show you what to do, but the short method put the racks in the bathtub with dishwashing liquid and (you'll never guess this) DRYER SHEETS.  Yep, you read that right - DRYER SHEETS.  Actually you don't even need to use the dishwashing liquid, but I did because Jillee did though I didn't use as much as she did.  I also only soaked them for 6 hours, but I'm not kidding when I tell you that I just wiped the grime right off of them.  Had to use a scrubby for a few tough spots - but hey it was effortless and they are all nice and clean again!

Check out Jillee's site as it is full of information!