Well Alrighty Then....

If you remember a few posts back, my computer hard drive crashed beyond recovery.  Jim Not Mike was able to retrieve my data via a MAC after the IT person at work was unable to via a PC.

One thing we lost was our upgraded version of Corel Draw.  Hubby used this when he had the business but the disks sold with the business.  We loaded an older version but all the files were upgraded and therefore unreadable on that version.  Not that it was a BIG deal, but a loss none-the-less.

Several years ago I had purchased a device that would allow you to take a hard drive out of a computer and connect it via USB to another computer and thus get your data off it.  It was really handy when a motherboard died and such and you wanted the data off your old drive.  I came across this device last night and thought I'd look and see if I could find the program.  The IT guy had told me he could see my files, but the drive shut off anytime he had tried to retrieve something.  I figured there was nothing to lose with the old drive...so I gave it a shot.

Wow!  Not only could I see everything, but everything was retrievable as well.  I'm beginning to think the IT guy never really bothered with my drive - just kept it a few days, handed it back and said "sorry".  Or Jim Not Mike's MAC made it readable again.  Let's go with the Jim Not Mike version...

I could find the Corel Draw files, even the set-up file...but every time I tried to load it, it wanted the serial number and I didn't have it.  After trying many many things hoping to retrieve it (it is on that drive somewhere)...I got online and found a site that listed some serial numbers.  Tried the download again and presto, got past that screen.  However, when almost complete, it decided it couldn't find 2 needed files and backed out.  Back online - what are these missing files?  I was advised to download the Trial Version, put in the serial number and it would open up the full version.   That sounds easy, however, the version I needed was now outdated.  It took awhile, but I eventually found the version I needed.  Downloaded, opened full version with serial number and presto, I had my program back.

Sort of.....when I went to open it, it now wanted an activation code!  Back to the internet, I was handed the sad news that each serial number has its own activation code...so I was SOL.  I decided to get on the Corel site and see if they could offer some help.  It wasn't until I was ready to register that I wondered if Hubby had done that when he originally set up the program.   I tried the business email, didn't work....I then used the only personal email he would of had at that time...PRESTO....but I didn't have a password, no worry I had them reset it.  Now I had my actual serial number - HURRAY!!  Except....

The program wouldn't let me change the serial number....so I had to remove it, download again and then TA-DA we have our program back!!

So to save everyone out there a few steps and many long hours....... make sure you have your serial numbers handy somewhere and if you can download the program from the internet do it that way!!