This & That

I hate cold weather and dark mornings.....

I hate when the alarm goes off and it's pitch black - that's just not right.  I hate that I need a jacket to go outside.

And more than anything - I know that it's a sign of winter coming....HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!!

Okay...I've had my rant for the day.

Weight Watchers meeting last Thursday proved to be very good.  Since making Lifetime a year ago (and not being able to maintain it for more than a month), the meetings have been dull - geared towards those losing and not a lot going on about maintaining.  I find maintaining a lot more harder than losing.

As expected my weight was back up about 15 lbs. - BLAH!!  So it was time to start over, weigh-in weekly and just make the better choices.  The meeting this time around was helpful, and one of the best things about it was that the leader is also "up" in weight.  Oh - I don't wish that on her, but it was nice to see someone else struggling with this and the meeting worked with that problem.  So it was a bad weigh-in but good meeting.

I've put my weight and such on the side bar....that helps when I put it all out there!!