The Simply Filling Technique

Despite the fact that I had a 1.6 lb. weight loss ( I haven't a clue how that happened considering how off program I was).....I still am having the issue of getting back "into it".

I've decided to give Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan a try.  You can actually switch back and forth between the plans as often as you wish; however finding information on Simply Filling isn't an easy task.

The Simply Filling Plan is semi-point free.  You eat power foods at no points, but for anything not a power food you still have your 49 weekly points to use.  You really need to be in tune with your body and know it's hunger and full signals.  You may find that you eat many power foods on the point plan already, thus it would be an easy transfer.

I remember some time ago (a year or more) they handed us a flyer at a meeting about it.  Most meetings are geared toward the point program, so info on Simply Filling is lacking.  Our leader doesn't seem well versed in this either.

But I decided to give it a whirl, couldn't find the flyer I received oh so long ago (nor could CC) but we headed off to the meeting and I asked for another.  Well apparently that was a one time thing - folder was empty.  I was advised that I could find the information on E-Tools.   There are many people who don't buy the monthly pass and/or pay for e-tools; what are they suppose to do????  Fortunately I pay for monthly pass and have the access.

Oh but it is very hard to find......I switched my tracker easily to Simply Filling...but where oh where was that food list, or any information for that matter, that was so conveniently in that flyer???   Off to the message boards, some kind soul sent me to here:  What's Included In the Simply Filling Technique and to here for the food listing:  Power Food List (you may not be able to access these links if you're not a site member - some things you can, some you cannot).  Thank God for the Power Food message board at their site...the best info is available from those already doing it.

So we'll see how weigh-in works this week!