Home, Unpacked.....

It was a long drive back home yesterday......

First I want to share the photo of the alligator that was at Barefoot Landing:

That was taken from a distance and you can tell he wasn't a little one!!

Here's some photos of alligators at Alligator Adventure:

The last 8 were taken during "feeding".  American Alligators are actually lazy and prefer their meals already dead.  They can eat very little and not have to eat again for up to a year!  They also only eat when they are hungry...the many that showed up at this feeding and actually got something to eat, won't show back up to the next one.  It was very interesting as the alligators started coming around the minute they saw people showing up - they knew what was coming.  There were a few that didn't bother to come over (probably due to the fact that they weren't hungry).  The girls explained that this is the reason you should never feed an alligator in the wild...they then become "human seeking"; not to eat them but they'll search for humans to get fed.  This is why you read often that alligators are killed for being in human populated areas - someone has fed them and they come looking for more.

This little girl below (despite her name it is a she) was born without a tail.  In the wild she'd have a zero chance of survival...she is kept away from other alligators in her own pen:

Some other creatures there: