Big Breakfast On Simply Filling

So far Weight Watcher's Simply Filling Technique is going along well.  Due to it being the weekend, I'm still not totally on track (having such an issue with that); but for the most part I'm trudging along.

For breakfast the past two days I've had the following:

2 eggs scrambled
1 slice light wheat toast with a smear of margarine
1 small potato diced and fried in 1 tsp. canola oil
1 cup non-fat milk

That's quite a huge breakfast for me and it's costing me zero weekly points!!  Why???  Eggs, Light Bread, Potatoes, and Non-Fat Milk are all Power Foods and thus, I don't have to count.  I also don't have to count my first 2 tsp. of oil and I use such a small amount of margarine that it has no point value.  Big breakfast and it keeps me full for many hours!!

If I lose weight this week, I'm going to be VERY excited...cause I'm about pointed out from counting and this method doesn't having me worried about not enough points for the day and starving!

Also BIG THANKS to Danica at Danica's Daily and Beth at Beth's Journey.  I've read Danica's blog since starting Weight Watchers and came across Beth's while looking for information on Simply Filling.  Both have offered their expertise in this area for my journey!