This, That and Then Some...

Well how do you like our new look?  I can't take the credit as it came from Blog Template 4 U.  I've downloaded several and this is one I'm trying out for right now.  I do like how professional looking it is though!

I'm also adding some clickable adds to the side bars..if you click one and then end up ordering at that time, I get a kick back!  But don't worry, you don't have to click or order and we'll love your visits all the same!

CC and I will soon be off for Myrtle Beach in 12 days!  I'm so anxious to get there.  She's getting impatient as well.

This past week I spent 2 days at a seminar for work in Sykesville, MD.  Sykesville is well known for its mental hospital.  The campus this hospital sits on was where the seminar was...most of the hospital is closed (though they still operate out of a few buildings plus the State Police Academy is there) but the buildings still stand.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I love old abandoned buildings - I don't know why, but I just find them interesting; and though I do have an interest in ghosts and such that's not my interest in abandoned buildings.  Anyway I took a few photos of the buildings while there:

The last two photos were taken while the car was moving so that's why they are slanted...oh and the car window was up thus the glare in the photo with the green pole...sorry that's not a ghost - lol!!

Anyway, I attended the seminar with one of the girls from our other division and her boyfriend has told her that he can get permission to take me INSIDE the buildings - I'm so very excited!!!  So hopefully I can get that planned after vacation!!