So very tired....

I'm so very exhausted and so very bad in my eating habits.  I must get back on track.

I've been transcribing some interviews that were done at work...we don't do a lot of transcribing anymore as the recordings can be played in court...but for some reason they wanted these transcribed...the problem?
My transcribing equipment is from back in the days things were put on cassette tape, so it wasn't going to work; a call to the other division indicated a similar issues.  So I've spent the past week, playing a portion, stopping it, writing it down; then typing it...etc...  I had a hard time making the boss understand that transcribing meant who said what word by's not like taking minutes and without proper equipment becomes a long process.  He relented on new equipment, unfortunately the transcribing needed complete before it arrived.  We now have equipment that'll probably never get used.  But this left me exhausted and the filing is now out of control!

I've been eating everything in sight and not even healthy things...I so need to get back on track!

I haven't made a cat decision yet.  Right now the shelter is offering 2-for-1.  I don't really know if I want to get 2 or not though, I mean I do already have 2 cats - Cooper & Joppa; but we will see.  I think I'm going to wait until after vacation to get one though.  If either of them are meant to be mine, they'll still be there and if not, some other cat will come home with me!  This particular shelter is no-kill, they have several cats that have lived there for a very long time, so there isn't a desperate need to go right away.

Vacation is coming up, but not fast enough!