I Love My Computer, I Love My Computer....grrr....

I’m a computer person, I really am…and yeah, I should know better…but I’m just not that great when it comes to back ups.

And so with no current back up, you know what happened right?  Yep, last night my computer crashed…it can’t even find my hard drive and the recovery options are useless.  I haven’t tried the full system recovery as I’m hoping to be able to pull data off that drive; but it’s a bad thing to happen.  And the sad reality is, I've seen this coming for months..and yeah, did no back-up.

I do have some things backed up on an external drive; so some is recoverable and though I can probably live without most of it; it’s the photos I’m concerned about.  Hopefully, I can recover some stuff.

But I’m actually doing okay…the computer isn’t laying in the street, so yeah…I’m okay!