Okay, the partitioned drives were driving me crazy, so I internet searched again.  Someone told me I could correct it by just installing the Windows 7 upgrade again (not from scratch starting at Vista).  So that's what I did and it worked - all one drive..feel so much better.

The main reason the partitioning was bothering me was because the system had only set up the C drive at
50 gb, the operating system alone was taking up most of it and every time Windows did an update it went to the C drive obviously.  The C drive only had 3 gb left and was in the red.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen once it got full.  So it was best to take care of things NOW rather than wait, especially since I had very little on the computer at this point.  But reloading the 7 upgrade really only took about 15 minutes and it was doable, and despite the fact I did the custom install (which supposedly erases everything), the few files I had were still there!

But things seem well at this point.