A Quick Check-In

Well vacation seems to be going way too fast......it's half over already!!

We've done quite a bit.  Yesterday we drove north to Barefoot Landing.  Barefoot Landing is a boardwalk type place with lots of little shops.  I like to go there because they have a Dog Bakery.  Our dogs love their bagels!!  Like Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing is built around water to give it that boardwalk feel. The bridges you need to cross only sit about an inch or two above the water, so it's like walking on water almost.  It's not unusual to see turtles in the water.  There are warning signs saying not to feed the wildlife because alligators MAY bite.  We laughed...alligators MAY bite??  How about WILL bite!!  But in all the years I've been coming to Myrtle Beach, I've never seen an alligator at Barefoot Landing.  Until this year.....
Yep, you read that right, as CC and I were crossing one of the bridges (remember the bridge is only an inch or two above the water), I was looking ahead and immediately saw it in the water near the bridge.  We slowly walked up hoping to get a good photo, but when it saw us it went under the water.  We could see the bubbles coming up and waited for it but it didn't come back.  It really did a lot of appearances that day because every time we had to cross in that area, someone was on the bridge that had seen it and was waiting for it to resurface.  The lady at the Dog Bakery told me that that was why a lot of people refuse to cross those bridges.  We went to Alligator Adventure, which is at Barefoot Landing.  After the one show, I mentioned to the guy about seeing the alligator at the shops...he said there are 3-4 alligators living in that water!!  I'll post photos when I get back home!

Today we've had rain but did some shopping!

Oh and did I mention - I dropped my fried hard drive off to Jim Not Mike before vacation.  I wasn't back home 45 minutes when he texted me and told me he had recovered 50 gb!!!  So when I get back we will be transferring that stuff over - HURRAY!!