29 Days and I'll be in Myrtle Beach!!  I absolutely love the beach and Myrtle Beach is my favorite!  Hubby and I go every year....BUT.....

Hubby can't go this year due to his new job, but I still wanted to go and planned on it.  My Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law will be there too only coming in the next day and staying at an entirely different hotel.

So am I scare to make the 9+ hour drive there all by myself??? OF COURSE NOT!!  And as it turns out, I don't have to as I'm not going by myself - CC just got the approval at work today so she can go with me!!  YAY!!

So I've been sharing some of my "musts" with her (and now with everyone here):

Captain George's Seafood - we use to do our all you can eat at Hook's Calabash Seafood (and I do still recommend them) but for a few bucks more you can get so much more at Captain George's.

Liberty Steakhouse At Broadway At The Beach - This has been my favorite since the very first visit....sometimes we eat there more than once.

Joe's Crab Shack - Just tried this for the first time last year, LOVED IT!!

I also want to try to go see Pirates Voyage if at all possible.  CC has not been to Ripley's Aquarium which is great and we both enjoy Alligator Adventure, so we may do that again.  The movie theater is a Carmike, so our popcorn bucket can go along!!  I was disappointed to read that the IMAX Theatre is now closed, I always enjoyed that when there was nothing else to do!

Also want to go to the newly opened Baker's Dog.  They use to be open, then closed and are now re-opened.  My dogs love their bagels!!

I hate to wish summer away, but I'm getting so anxious for vacation!!


  1. Another MUST...that Purple Store, whatever it's called! :D



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