Lennox the dog is scheduled to be euthanized later tonight despite protests, petitions and offers to re-home him to the United States.  Only a miracle can save him now.

What was Lennox's crime?  2 years ago during a dog license check, Lennox a 5 year old Bulldog/Labrador mix, was seized by Belfast City Council Wardens from his loving family and kennel mates despite there never being any complaints about him.  His crime?  He LOOKS like a pit bull which is against the law.  You can read in more detail here:  Save Lennox.

For the past two years Lennox's family has fought the legal system to have their dog returned. Lennox has been kept in an undisclosed location during this time, though some photos leaked out which show the horrible conditions he is living in - which adds even more misery to the story.

This past week Lennox's family ran out of all the legal options they had to have him returned.  In turn Victoria Stilwell of the TV show It's Me or The Dog, has offered to re-home Lennox to the U.S.A. free of charge.  Doesn't look like that will be happening either.  The family would like his remains to bury...they've been told no but they may get his ashes back.

Is Lennox even alive?  Is Lennox in such poor health they don't want the world to see what he's become?  Why else deny the family the actual remains??

I light a candle and say a prayer for Lennox tonight.  Whether he's still alive or already gone Lennox's name will live on as the "poster child" and as solid proof that Breed Specific Legislation fails in so many ways.

Since you'll never be forgotten
We pledge to you today
A hallowed place within our hearts
Is where you'll always stay.