Lennox Died Today...

Lennox died today (or somewhere between now and the past 2 years, guess we'll never know for sure) despite the efforts of thousands of people.

Animal psychic Joanne Hull flew to Belfast last night so she could meet with the BCC before the scheduled 7:00 a.m. euthanizing.  They actually let her in, held a cordial conversation with her, agree to work on a solution to the issue, shook her hand and sent her out the door with hope.  During the time this conversation went on, behind the scenes, Lennox was put to sleep and the BCC issued a statement to the press.

That's how cruel and insensitive these people are.

The family was not allowed to see him, they will not get his body to bury, they won't even give them his collar - they may receive some ashes in the mail.

This is a very tragic ending to a very disheartening story.

I light my candle of Hope again tonight, Hope that in Lennox's death awareness of the cruelty and misinformation that Breed Specific Legislation causes.  Hopefully Lennox's Law will come to light and save the lives of other dogs.  Many prayers to the Barnes Family tonight - may God give you peace.