Decisions, Decisions....

A few weeks back (if you remember the post), CC, Josh, Becky and I had been yard selling and stopped at the small festival at the local Humane Society and I met this guy:

Jolan is his name and I've thought of him a lot.  He's somewhere between 1-2 years old and extremely friendly.  We bonded and since hubby didn't really say yes or no, I've taken that as a yes.  I've always, since I was little, had a black cat.  Sebastian was black but unfortunately we had to have him put down back in December.  So I've been looking.

Though I know from the Humane Society's FB page that Jolan was still available the following week (though he doesn't appear on their available cat listing - guess they can't list them all).  I've put it off as not to make a rash decision.  I don't know if Jolan is still there or not at this point...but I noticed this on their listing the other day:

Sprinter!  He's a kitten - but aren't his markings GORGEOUS?????!!!!  Now what do I do???  Hope that when I get there, one is already adopted???  Or go with the one (Jolan) that since is older has the least chance of being adopted???  Meet Sprinter to see if we bond??  And the Humane Society only has day hours so hubby can't make it any open day...and the one day he has off - they are closed!  So he can't even help with the decision.

Decisions, Decisions....


  1. Oh that is a tough decision! I would take both because that is who I am. Do you have any other cats? This is not good advice but you could rationalize it that they need someone to play with and get both! Or, I would go with Jolan because you did see him first and the whole reason you went on the website was to find him. He really is a cutie and wants some love.


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