Another Good Day!

Yesterday went Weight Watchers well ...ended my day with a bowl of Chili Mac (6 pts.) and later Vanilla Thrilla from Hungry Girl - she lists this as 3 pts., but the online point tracker gives me 2 pts.  Either way I ended up with either 25 or 26 daily points for the day.  I've done very well this weekend - haven't used any weeklies yet!!

Weekends are definitely my bad days...I just way over eat.  It must be because during the week, I work and am on a schedule.  Weekends are a free for all.  So you can see why I'm excited to get through Thursday and Friday without over extending myself!

This morning I opted for:

2 eggs over easy cooked in 1 tsp oil - 5 pts.
2 slices of toast - 3 pts.
1 cup of milk - 2 pts.
Banana - 0 pts.

Used 9 pts. for breakfast, which is a lot for me.  HOWEVER, Sundays are dinner at my parents and my mother cooks a lot of unhealthy things.  So I thought eating more this morning, will make me less hungry there.

Glad I have some Chili Mac leftover from last night so I can have it with a salad at lunch tomorrow.  I'm really hoping to keep things going as is and to see if it makes a difference at weigh-in this week.

In case you're wondering...I weighed in at 159 lbs. last week - 13 pounds OVER GOAL!!  So you can see my urgency to get back on track!

The Walking Dead marathon continues......