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As I suspected.....I had a gain at weigh-in last night.  Only 2 ounces which isn't bad considering some of my choices last week.

Several things were discussed that didn't seem to get any straight answers.  So I'll explain it here....

Everyone repeat this with me:

"The Recipe Builder Is For Multi-Serving Recipes"

I can't understand why this is very hard for everyone to grasp.  Someone in the group said that they prepared themselves a serving of 3 types of fruits - strawberry, blueberry, raspberry - mixed together.  When they inputted it into the recipe builder it gave a point value of 6!!  If fruit is free, how can that be?????
Even sadder.....the leader had no answer for her.

Please let me explain....the Recipe Builder does not build by the point value of the food; it builds by the nutritional label.  This is why when you add fruit to the recipe builder, it assigns a point value to the fruit.

Oh wait...you thought fruit was 0 points????  Fruit is only 0 points because Weight Watchers is telling you that you do not have to count points for fruit.  However, if you would see a nutritional label for fruit and calculate it like you do other food - it would have a point value to it.

That being said.....just because something is 0 points doesn't mean you should go into overload eating it.  Just keep in the back of your head that technically those fruits do have points to them, so too many may add on the weight.



  1. Oy! counting, I just can't do it. I have had spectacular weight loss success by simply removing processed sugar and processed flour from my diet12 pounds in 2 and half months). I still use sweetener and I still eat breads, just not overly processed ones.

    I just don't have the brain for counting...never did.


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