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The Banana Cocoa Refrigerator Oatmeal was not to my liking.  I think it was the Greek Yogurt.  I'm not found of plain greek yogurt.  I used flavored greek in the others but plain in that one.  I'm going to try it with vanilla flavored.

Despite a huge amount of eating last week, I managed to maintain - which was great!  If you can't lose, maintaining always beats gaining!!

I think I'm becoming really b*tchey at work.  Things are just beginning to annoy the people that call in at the last minute to take off ALL THE TIME, or the people who are never ON TIME.  Perhaps my work ethic is different than theirs but really am I asking to much???

Have you seen this video - I LOVE IT - so romantic!!


  1. Oh i love me some tasty Greek too! :D Totally with on the people at work....although I think I have issues with different people than you do. :)

    And the vid IS great! :)



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