New Breakfast Idea!

You know me, I'm all about keeping things new and different when it comes to dieting.  If I get bored I tend to overeat.  On the Weight Watchers forum someone asked what everyone aet for breakfast and someone said "refrigerator oatmeal".

I did a search and came across The Yummy Life and there it was Refrigerator Oatmeal !  Yesterday morning I had the Blueberry Maple which was excellent; this morning I had Raspberry Vanilla which was good but I probably won't have it again - it just wasn't as exciting as the Blueberry one.  Tomorrow morning I'm trying Banana Cocoa.  I also want to try the Banana Peanut Butter and Apple Cinnamon.  If you're worried about Chia Seeds (or can't find them) don't worry you can make them without.  I was able to find Chia Seeds in the Health Food section of a large Grocery Store.  I also want to try her Oatmeal Smoothies - they look GREAT!!

And thus, there's another website for the side bar!!