Let's Try The New Place For Dinner!!

A new restaurant opened in downtown Waynesboro, PA.  We decided to go tonight.  It's called Christine's Cafe and is located where the John Wallace Restaurant use to be.

The place is rather "fancy" but you can dress casual (jeans and such) which was okay for us as we're jeans kind of people!  Anyway, we go in and sit down.  There's a guy providing live music.  The place seems busy but there are a few empty tables, so they weren't packed.

We're handed a menu.  Not a whole lot of choices and prices are a little higher than we like. I also notice that it doesn't tell you what sides come with the meal, if any at all. But we're there and decide to give it a try.  The waitress asks what we would like to drink.  I order a diet coke, hubby orders a frappe.  My diet coke arrives.  She takes out orders; I ask about light salad dressings; she informs me they have none.  I decide on a vinaigrette.  We sit...wait...live music is becoming rather annoying.

About 15 minutes after we arrive, another couple comes in and sits at the table behind us. A few minutes later, hubby decides to help drink my diet coke as his frappe seems to be in the land of the missing.  He drinks, I drink and I then realize that the couple that came in after us are finishing their salads.

Wait a minute......  we ordered our salads before they even came in and I've yet to see them.  Plus hubby's frappe never has arrived.  We've been there almost a 1/2 hour and all we have to show for it was ONE diet coke.  I also notice that the waitress apologized to 2 other tables that apparently had been waiting for their dinners for a length of time.

We got up and left.  Didn't tell them we were leaving.  Didn't really care.

Went to The Velvet Cafe and they were more than happy to serve us even though we arrived 10 minutes before closing!

***And no the photo isn't ours...a co-worker sent me that on FB***