I've decided to share some "unofficial" Weight Watcher tools that some may find helpful.

The first is WWDiary which is an android app.  It's a free app with an option for a paid subscription at $1.00 a month.  It can be used with the new Points Plus or the Old Points System. With the paid version you have the option to scan barcodes.  The barcode database is extremely small for the scanner, but you can add items and then they are available to you.  As people add - the database will become much larger.  I highly recommend this app.

WW ScanCalc is an android barcode scanner that was out before the official Weight Watchers one.  It also is free, and I've never had it give me wrong point values.  It only does Points Plus value, not the old point system.

Fast Food Calories & Points is a paid android app that gives both the Points Plus and Old Point values plus other nutritional information for a huge selection of Fast Food and Chain Restaurants.  It's constantly being updated and I even think they offer a second app with additional restaurants on it.  Very handy to have around.  Love It!

Noom Cardio Trainer isn't Weight Watchers related but it is a nice little handy app to have for walking.  Offered in both a free and paid version - I've really learned to like it for my walks!