I'm Happy and Mad All At The Same Time

My first weigh-in since being back at Weight Watchers was last week and resulted in a 1/2 pound loss.  Not great, but it was a loss and considering I wasn't totally "on plan" the whole week...I'll take it!  My weigh-in this week showed a 1.8 lb. loss - HURRAY!!  I was totally on plan and well it worked...brings me back to the quote:

"If you kind of do it, it kind of works.  If you really do it, it really works!"

Since CC and I have been back at Weight Watchers, we've noticed many new faces.  Some long timers have been missing and our group "star pupil" has been in the land of the missing.  We've been somewhat concerned.  Fortunately one of the long timers showed up last night and told us what had been going on with the "star".

The "star" is an older woman who has lost 150 lb. on Weight Watchers.  Her doctor told her she was the only person he's ever met that has lost a whole person!  She's ready to help anyone out that is struggling.  She's great and very inspiring!  But apparently not according to Weight Watchers........

After making Lifetime, "star" applied for a job with Weight Watchers.  She passed the online interview, passed the phone interview, and proceeded on to the one-on-one interview.  Whomever the Weight Watcher's "biggie" was decided that she wasn't suitable for Weight Watchers because she had upper arm jiggle!

Upper Arm Jiggle - you know, that extra skin that hangs when you lose weight?  Since "star" is a big exerciser as well, what is left hanging isn't going to go away on it's own.  It's there to stay or is going to need to be surgically removed - not something everyone can afford.  And to be honest, I've never noticed her loose skin....

Let's face it...we're not all Jennifer Hudson here; nor are we all young adults.  "star" is in her 60's and her body isn't going to respond in the same way a young person's will.  She's lost 150 lbs.!  She no longer has to take the 6 or more medications she was on!  Isn't that inspiring????

Apparently not according to Weight Watchers standards...they want young, thin, well fit looking people working for them.    Rather than providing "reality", they'd rather provide "we want you to believe you'll look like this young girl".  I have to give Weight Watchers a big - FOR SHAME!!

And because of this incident...."star" has stopped attending meetings, gone into a depression, and has gained 25 lbs. back!  Must give another big - FOR SHAME - to Weight Watchers!! 

People who are overweight and have lost, always see the faults that remain - it's not necessary to point it out.  I myself have stomach flab - but I'd rather have that, then be where I was when I started!  And yes, it is the one thing that mars my success for myself - I have a hard time seeing past it - but if someone else pointed it out, I'd be mortified, upset and would probably stress eat!

I'm hoping we can get her back to the group and not let a Weight Watchers "biggie" black mark what our group stands for - SUPPORT through the thick and thin.  Hey, we're all there for the same reason!

So in the future Weight Watchers...rather than tell someone they can't have a job because they don't fit an "image".....just say "It was nice meeting you, and we'll let you know." 

Tomorrow CC, Josh, Polt and I (and 2 others I haven't met yet) are heading to DC for the Pride Pride.  I've gone with Polt a few times and it's always so much fun!  Pictures will be coming.