Change For The Better

While going through some photos the other night I came across this:

That's me back in 2007 in NYC after Kevin's play A Moon For The Misbegotten (that's Ginger and JoJo in the photo with me BTW).  I was totally shocked when I saw myself!!

The strange thing is...that I still see myself that way.  It doesn't matter how much weight I've lost or what size I'm wearing, I always see myself as overweight.  It's a flaw I think most overweight people have.

Today, a few photos popped up on Facebook from the Pride Parade last Saturday.. I assume that this photo was taken by Polt because I see Travis & Paul off to the left.  It's a photo of CC, Me and Josh:

As soon as I saw the photo, I thought - Wow, I Look So Thin!!  LOL!!!  And comparing it to the top photo?  Yes I Do!!

I'm expecting a gain tomorrow at weigh-in as I was a little off plan today and that's too close to weigh-in for overeating...but after comparing these photos, I feel so much better!


  1. I HOPE that photo was taken by me, cause otherwise, you guy's all had a random stalker who managed to post a photo on my blog.

    ....and worst of all, he didn't bother to get ME in the photo too.... :(



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