Yesterday was a CC-less day.  I know it may be hard for any of you to believe....but there are days we just don't see each other-lol!!

Anyhow, I went grocery shopping in places I normally don't shop - M&K Market, Kline's Market - both little grocery places and then to Glenwood's which is an Amish run market (I ran into Mama Polt there) located in an old roller rink.  And since I was close to Greencastle, I went on to Sunnyway (a larger grocery store) and got some chicken gizzard at the deli.  I LOVE chicken gizzards and hadn't had them in a really long time.

After that I watched two movies on Netflix - "The Rum Diary" with Johnny Depp (CC and I never went to see this as it looked terrible, HOWEVER, it is a really good movie) and then "Gifted Hands-The Ben Carson Story" which was about the Johns Hopkins Doctor that was the first to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head (22 hour surgery).  It was part about the twins and the other part was on his life...he had every disadvantaged possible but grew up to the the head of the pediatric neurology department at Johns Hopkins. It was an EXCELLENT movie.

Other than that, I did nothing at all!!


  1. You saw Mama Polt yesterday and I didnt! :)



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