Very Disturbing....

If you know me personally, then you know I'm a big animal lover and that I truly condemn abuse of any kind.  Animals are so loyal and trusting - how can you abuse that?

Yesterday, my hubby shared on FB a posting on a dog rescue case in California.  I can't seem to find any information on the owners nor how these dogs ended up being rescued...but I certainly hope the owners have been arrested or shot.....either would be too good for them.

Anyway, when I saw the post on my FB timeline...I just caught a glimpse of the photo and decided to remove it so I wouldn't have to read it...but the photo, appearing small on the timeline, kind of sucked me in and I had to see what the hell was growing out of that poor puppy's ear!  Some kind of weird looking it wasn't.

Here's a link to an article online:   Dogs Severely Infected    STOP!!!  DON'T TOUCH THAT LINK!!!  Before you click there you should be warned - the images are VERY DISTURBING.  I can't get them out of my mind, I had a terrible time sleeping.....I keep going to the FB page for updates but make sure I don't scroll down far enough to see the's just oh so wrong in so many ways!  If you choose to click that link, what you will see is not a weird looking tumor coming out of poor puppies ears....but a huge mound of ....TICKS!!!  Yes, hundreds possible thousands!!!

The mother and her pups were infested with ticks.  From what I've read from updates all ticks have been removed from the bodies and now they are dealing with the ears.  The dogs are on antibiotics because lord knows what kind of tick diseases they may be getting (next to being malnourished by the way) and the process is extremely slow because...well ticks have to be removed one by one, very carefully to make sure you don't leave the head behind.  Anything you've ever read - vaseline, oil, matches, etc...- are old wives tales...there's only one way to do it safely.  There is a small chance deafness could result from this...let's face it, if the ticks look that bad from the outside...what do you think is going on down the ear canal?  Until the ticks are removed and you can even see the canal..a Vet can't do a good cleaning.

The Good News from this, is many donations were received and the Mom and her Pups vet care is taken care of.  The rescue asks that you send additional donations to your local humane society or rescue to help other animals.

I'm so looking forward to seeing these puppies without the ticks....and seeing the owners put away for a very long time!