Productive Weekend

Friday, CC and I spent the evening on her deck eating pizza and downing 2-1/2 bottles of wine.  We also took Wally for a walk......nice evening!

Yesterday  morning we went to yard sales.  It was supposedly a neighborhood deal, but apparently a lot of neighbors chose not to participate.  It also was an uppity type neighborhood so everyone was so concerned someone would park or walk on their lawns or better yet just in front of their house on the PUBLIC street.  People are so weird sometimes.  ANYWAY....

CC did very well in regards to her son's college apartment next year:  full size mattress/box spring $20; desk $10.  Both were in good condition.  I was able to score hubby a hard sided suitcase he's been wanting for $1 and a wine rack for $5.  But the best thing I bought were sofa cushions for $5.  Yep you read that right - sofa cushions!

As the title of my blog states...The Dog Ate My Sofa.  That should actually be plural Dogs.  Anyway, because we live with 3 dogs and 2 cats we shy away from brand new furniture or else it wouldn't stay brand new for long.  A year or so ago I scored this at a thrift store for $125:

Yep $125 for all three pieces (we no longer have the dog pen in the corner by the way).  
Over time though, the dogs have taken a toll on the sofa and chair cushions.  We've flipped them, covered them, but recently they've just looked bad and options were low.  So although I'm keeping an eye out for a cheap sofa at thrift stores and yard sales (and I could care less if they match or not...I'm that sort of person) while at the yard sales yesterday, I came across 3 sofa cushions in like new condition so I bought them; when I told the guy selling them that my dogs had eaten my cushions...he told me that their dog had eaten the arms on their sofa - thus the reason for spare cushions - lol!!  So I came home and did this:

Perfect solution until I find another couch!

I'm always excited when I find something worth buying!  And am so glad that someone thought to save the cushions instead of ditching them with the whole sofa.