Life With CC

For those who don't remember the post from many, many posts ago....  CC stands for Cousin Chris.  I know quite a few Chris' and to keep things simple, I came up with names so everyone would know which Chris I was talking about.  In this case CC is the Chris which, of course, is my cousin!  I bring this up because Chris went with me to a  31 Party at Kim's  house.  Because I always refer to Chris as CC, they assumed that was actually the name she goes by - lol!!!!  Not true, she's only CC here - even I call her Chris in real life!

Anyway.....CC and I do a lot together and spend lots of time together.  She's my BFF!  Thursday nights are always regular and that involves Weight Watchers, popcorn and Rutter's.  Rutter's has become our dinner on Thursday nights.

About 2 weeks ago, CC was in a car accident.  Some young girl pulled out in front of her.  CC was in the car they had just purchased for her son.  Though the damage wasn't too bad, it did require some fixing.  The car was dropped off and they had a rental for a few days.

This past Thursday, CC and her hubby aka: Sparky went to the garage to pick up their car.  I arrived at her house before they got there and proceeded to take care of Wally (their dog).  CC called to ask if I could pick them up; seems the car key refused to turn in the ignition (wasn't an issue prior to being at the garage) and the garage was now closed.

No issue.  I was at her house so I told her to give me a little extra time getting there.  I then went out and tried to call Wally inside....apparently he has selective hearing, and my voice was selected to "ignore".  Then a rabbit bounced across the yard, and he bounced across after it!  Fortunately he's on a lead, so I ended up reeling him in like a fish!  Got him in, helped myself to two Oreos (don't judge me), locked everything up and went to my car.

Did I mention this was an extremely humid day?  It was hot.  It took me about 15-20 minutes to get to the garage and my car's AC did nothing but blow hot air.  On top of that, the gas gage was going through it's "I think I'll say empty instead of 1/2 a tank like I have", oh and the "I think the back hatch is open even though it isn't".  Grrrrr......

Anyway, I pick them up.  We're all grumbling about our cars.  It's hot, no one is happy!  We get back to CC's house and hop in her Blazer.  Because we're now running late, we decided to forgo Weight Watchers and popcorn for the evening.  So we just headed to Rutter's as CC needed gas anyway.  She puts $55.00  in the car.  And then......the car won't start!  This has happened before and according to Sparky we're to let it sit for 10 minutes and then try again.

No problem.  We went inside and got our food; which took 10-15 minutes.  Get back in the car...still won't start.  Here we are stuck at pump #11.  CC got out and popped the hood and did some messing around that she's seen Sparky do.  No help.

Now despite being two women with their hood up sitting at a gas pump...and the place being extremely you think anyone offers help????  Nope!  Eventually, an older couple from Michigan tried to help to no avail.  After a third call to Sparky, he answers.

Sparky advises we are to wait 10 minutes exactly and try again.  We did, no go.  Call Sparky back and he agrees to come help.  Despite it only being about a 10 minute drive...Sparky apparently chose the scenic route to Rutter's.

Now it's just funny...."We are protesting the price of gas at pump #11"  "We come here every Thursday to pick up men"  You had to laugh, otherwise we'd cry!

Sparky arrives and we move the car to a parking space and he proceeds to do his thing.  Nothing works.  He advises us to call AAA.  CC does and advises Sparky that he can leave.  So here we are sitting we have our dinner in the car.  There's a storm coming.  What a night!

Course nothing would be complete without photos!  So here we go:

Stuck At Rutter's

"Can we get some help here?" (apparently not)

The view from Rutter's parking lot.

Sparky to the rescue - NOT!

Waiting for AAA, and it's getting darker.

 Storm coming.

Nosey guy at pump 15.  Hey buddy, if you're so curious offer some help!

Nighttime at Rutter's.

Tow truck arrives!

Let's give a hurray for Abe's!

Abe!  Okay, technically we don't know if this was Abe or not but he was a cutie! And since we were expecting beer gut and butt crack; we were pleasantly surprised.  What a welcome site for a bad night!  We even got to ride in the cab with him back to CC's house.  
Very nice guy!

Into the garage!


The mechanic at work fixed my AC (only needed freon);  gas gage decided it worked and the back hatch is no longer open.

Despite a new starter, CC's blazer still has an issue.  And the car that was being fixed at the garage needs a new ignition switch!