Here I Go AGAIN!!!

I'm going to lay it out there....I've gained 11 lbs.!!  I've been off track since last October and clothes are starting to get tight.  So.....CC and I headed back to Weight Watchers last night.

We have continued to stop in on Thursdays and CC had continued with her monthly lifetime required weigh-ins (remember I got frustrated and quit); but now I'm back hoping to get these pounds off.  CC is still doing quite well by the way.

We were amazed that most of the people on our meeting night were unfamiliar - where was everyone???  But the meeting went by uneventful but I was so very glad that I weighed-in and stayed for the meeting.  And though I hate thinking I'm starting at a holiday mind is where it needs to be to lose weight.  That's the biggest hurdle!!

I'm going to do some changing around with the blog this weekend.  In case you haven't noticed we are a .com again!  But the blogger link will bring you directly to it so you don't have to update anything.  This time around I just bought the domain so I wouldn't have to move the blog once again, that always messes the older posts up.  I also own the .net (got them both for $1.98 - thanks to Roni for the tweet on that discount code!!) but I haven't figured out how to get the .net to point to the .com, that'll be a weekend project as well!!