When I Was A Kid....

I saw this at Roni's Weigh, who saw it at My Tiny Tank, who saw it at All The Weigh - lol!!  Anyway I thought it would be fun to give it a try here:

1.  My Parents Told Me:  Not to stare, be polite, always say thank you - I guess the normal stuff we should all hear.  I can remember my mother telling us that when we receive a gift, always say you love it and thank you; don't ever say I don't like it, I already have it, etc...  As an adult I've given gifts to kids and have been asked to return it because they had it or didn't like it.  Hmmmm....I would of rather of heard thank you.

2.  I Wanted To Grow Up To Be A:  Flight Attendant.  I was in love with the Coffee, Tea or Me books.  Instead I settled for a job in the government sector.

3.  I Refused To Eat:  Green peppers - still hate them to this day.  Actually I don't like any peppers.

4.  My Favorite Thing To Do Outside Was:  Ride my bike.  Haven't done that in years - I don't even own one anymore.

5.  I Broke My:  right arm in the 4th grade, left arm in the 5th grade and a toe somewhere in my young adult life.

6.  I Liked To Wear:  my Roller gear- I was a Bay City Roller Fan.  When I reached high school and liked Loverboy, I was into red and black.

7.  My Parents Always:  worked.  I grew up in a home with two working parents.

8.  I Thought That Santa Was:  real when I was younger and I still think it's a fun thing for kids.  I met a few people at a church once who said they never used the Santa thing with their kids as that is lying.  They all felt anger towards their parents for lying to them about it.  I thought really??  REALLY???

9.  My Favorite Cartoon Was:  Sinbad The Sailor, Popeye, Bugs Bunny.......

10.  I Was The:  youngest.  I'm the baby, the youngest of four girls.  And yeah, I'm spoiled!!

11.  I Got In Trouble When:  a neighbor claimed I was riding my bike in an area I shouldn't of been; the area my mother described I actually had been in (and was totally unaware it was off limits), so I got in trouble.  When I became an adult, we happened to be talking about it one day and my mother gave an entirely different area (an area that actually was off limits) and I can honestly say, I never rode my bike in that area.  So I got in trouble for nothing - lol!!

12.  My Bedroom Was:  we shared rooms but as my sisters moved out, I eventually had one of my very own.  There were always tons of pictures of whomever my favorite band was plastered on the walls.

13.  My Favorite Food Was:  Chicken.  Still is to this day.

14.  My Parents Always Made Me:  Hmmmm....I don't think they made me do anything really; when they asked, I just did it.

15.  My First Crush Was:  A guy I went to church with - loved him; he's gay so we are just friends!

16.  My Favorite Toy Was:  This is an easy one - Barbie Dolls!!  CC and I played every Saturday night, and we had EVERYTHING!!

17.  I Thought School Was:  just something you were required to do!

18.  My Biggest Fear Was:  spiders!  Still am not found of them, they creep me out!

19.  My Favorite Story Was:   The Secret Language -  I still have a copy that I read on occasion.

20.  My Favorite Memories:  My great uncle had a lot along the Potomac River.  My mother's side of the family had picnics there every Sunday.  My great uncle is gone, the lot is gone, but the memories live on!

Now It's Your Turn!!