Mickey goes back to the vet's on Tuesday but I'm taking no news as good news - no one has called to say he's gotten any worse so I'm assuming all is going well.  Yep, I returned him back to the old house..at 14 years of age I think the cat deserves to be where he wants to be.  They've even tried getting him into the house but he looks in the door and stays out.  Tuesday he'll get his shots updated and such, and unless something awful happens, it'll probably be the last I see Mickey.  Sad but true, he has a new family now.

Toby was at the vet's this week due to tape worms (yuck) and some difficulty with pooping (sorry know no way to make that sound better).  We're assuming it was due to the worms and he got some shots he was due for at that time also.  Lucy and Keyser each got their shots at clinics these past two weeks.  I certainly hope vet visits are over with!!!

On the weight front, I'm sad to admit that I've gained about 10 lbs!  Boy, it sure comes on faster than it goes off.  I'm not overly discouraged because I know what to do; I just know how hard those last 10 lbs were to get rid of the first time!  Anyway back in gear and trying to decide if it's worth paying Weight Watchers again until I'm back at goal (they have a buy one month, get one free going on now).

CC and I are looking at a Dog Treat Business...you would not believe all the regulations involved with that...and we're only looking to sell at community yard sales/events, not an actual store!!  Did you know each type of treat you make has to be sent to a lab for analysis???  And that's not to mention the package labeling, the licenses, etc...  So if you're thinking you're going to set up a stand and just start selling....well you better think again!!