Remember This Guy???

This is my cat Mickey.  We moved almost 5 years ago and Mickey just couldn't accept it.  Every chance he got, he went right back to the old house (which involved crossing busy streets and going clear on the other side of town).  When the old house was sold, the new owners took it with good humor.  They'd catch him (because by this point he'd run if he saw us), we'd pick him up and then he'd return there first chance he got.

Eventually...he just remained at the old house.  They don't let him inside but they keep him fed and have a little house for him.  It just worked out better this way.

Last night, my phone rang and the caller i.d. indicated it was the people at the old house.  I knew immediately that they'd only be calling if something had happened to Mickey.  Yes, something had..he apparently had been in a fight and had a huge gash at his tail.  I advised them to catch him for me in the morning and I'd pick him up.

This morning I went to the house and there he was in a crate ready to go.  Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled to see me - lol!!!  But for a 14 year old cat, he looked pretty good.  He howled the whole way to the vet and pooped in the crate too!!  They just called me and told me the gash wasn't nearly as bad as it looked, they were going to give him his rabies shot, frontline and such and he'll be ready for pick-up when I get off work.

He must be a very durable cat.