Mickey went back to the Vet's today for his follow-up appointment.  Everything is healing very well and they said he doesn't need to come back.  He got his regular shot while there and they are each good for 3 years.

I snapped this photo of him when I loaded him into the car:

Yeah, not the best, but I realized that this would probably be the last time I see him.  He's 14 years old and his shots are good for 3 years.  He's mostly an outside cat and though he seems in good health for his age, you can tell that he's old and definitely has been around the block a few times.

I took him back to the old house, talked to the new owners for a few minutes and left.  When I pulled out of the driveway I saw them trying to coax him in the door.  They now are trying to get him to come inside the house, he hasn't yet, but he's definitely become their cat.

A bittersweet day.