Having Nice Weather......

Last year, rather than run two air conditioners in the upstairs to keep the rabbit, turtle and computer happy (plus raise the electric bill) we opted to move everything downstairs until it got cool again.  The rabbit ended up in the kitchen, the turtle in the "man room" and the computer on the table in the dining room (we never used it).  If you remember this post:  A New Kitchen...Well Sort Of you will remember that we did some rearranging by putting the table into the kitchen and the turtle and rabbit to the dining room.  It made our table workable and we use it a lot now.  The turtle and rabbit never made it back upstairs - thus saving on heating that area for the winter as well.

My computer went back upstairs and if it got too cold, we had a little electric heater we ran.  With the weather warming up again, it meant moving it back down.  Problem was we now use the table and well...the computer wouldn't fit into that picture.  I did a little rearranging in the dining room with the rabbit, turtle and small desk that were in there, and felt that a small table would serve the purpose for the computer.  Hubby, had a different idea...he bought a small computer desk.  So after the hell of putting that together last night (you know those things are never easy), I brought the computer down today.  I have a feeling it will probably remain there.  So I guess we can't call this a dining room anymore!!  Actually if and when the rabbit and turtle are no longer with us (and no, I'm wishing neither away)...I'm hoping the big desk can come to this room.

When we first moved in hubby suggested we put the desk in this room, but I wouldn't let him - I mean, I couldn't live without a dining room - lol!!!