DC, Shopping & Movies

CC and I spent the weekend together, well practically...we saw each other on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday we both took off work and headed to Washington D.C. via the Metro.  Didn't have anything planned, but just wanted to get away for the day.  We walked A LOT.  My legs were still killing me on Sunday.  If you've never visited The National Mall be prepared for lots of walking - keep that in mind if you have children.  Oh, and despite what a lot of people there were wearing....stilettos are not appropriate shoes for spending the day mostly walking and standing.  Oh and you think that you need to go to Wal-Mart to see how people dress in public??  Oh no you don't...visit The National Mall for some sights as well!

The Washington Monument stands in the middle of the mall.  It's still being repaired from last year's earthquake so you can't go up in it.  To one side of the monument is The Smithsonian.  Lots of people are under the impression that The Smithsonian is a huge museum, not so, it's actually many different museums and you have to walk to each one...some are close, some are not.  The Holocaust Museum is not part of the Smithsonian, but it is within walking distance and has free admission.  If you want to see this museum go there first and get tickets at the desk.  They're free but they go very quickly...we showed up about noon and we're able to get tickets for 4:15 p.m.  That is a museum worth seeing.

To the other side of the Washington Monument you'll find the War Memorials - World War II, Korean and Vietnam...at the very end to this side is the Lincoln Memorial.  Again they don't sit on top of each other, there's lots of walking involved here.  The reflecting pool is under renovations, so that area is all closed up.

There are lots of rude people and the mall area wasn't lacking.  I don't expect a whole lot out of children - they don't know or are not taught any better; I'll even forgive teenagers because they only think about themselves; but adults?  Yeah, they should know better...but apparently they do not!  Grrrrr........

We ate lunch at one of the museums.  We each had a cheeseburger, fries, fruit cup and a drink for $18.00.  Oh, I must mention that was $18.00 EACH!!!!  Have plenty of money with you, nothing is cheap.

Saturday morning we headed to The Flamingo for breakfast, where we both once again tried to eat 2 of their huge pancakes and failed - but we got close.  Then it was some shopping in Chambersburg, then back home to relax.

On Sunday we went to see the movie "Mirror, Mirror".  CC picked me up and we're having our normal jabber about work and such on the ride to the theatre which also includes our normal joking about Sean Bean.  When we started going to movies, most of them had this nice looking guy in them that had minor parts or was the bad guy and died.  After seeing him in so many, we looked him up and discovered it was Sean Bean...but since he normally dies or has such a small part we have developed some jokes:  "Don't blink or you'll miss Sean Bean"  "Mr. Bean here's your $400,000 check for your 2 lines of work"  "I bet that's Sean Bean driving that truck way in the background"   It doesn't matter whether or not he's in the movie, it's a joke we have between us when it comes to him.

We get to the theatre, get our popcorn and find seats.  The movie was actually pretty good - not brilliant, but entertaining.  Towards the end of the movie (this could be a spoiler for some of you), a creature is changing into it's human form.  As we're watching, it hits us both at the same time because we both say it together "Is that Sean Bean?"  And, yes it was!  We weren't even aware he was in the movie!  We couldn't stop laughing - OMG - it's Sean Bean with 5 minutes of screen time!  HILARIOUS!!!  Okay, maybe you don't find that funny, but like I said - it's an ongoing joke with us!