Back To The Basics

Oh yay...I get on blogger today and I've been switched to the new interface!  Hate it!!  Blogger has become FaceBook...changes whether you want it or not!

Anyway.....I'M BACK!!  Oh not back to the blog....I've been here obviously; but I kicked myself in gear and headed back to Weight Watchers.  I think weekly weigh-ins will help very much.  With that being said I've decided you'll be seeing more diet type postings just like before.  Always helps to journal along with dieting.

A new find is this site:  Emily Bites .  She has tons of recipes and I really like her Main Course Muffin/Cupcake and Casserole areas - I like things easy and these look easy!  And of course I still have the old stand bys:  Green Lite BitesSkinny Taste and Danicas Daily.  There's a few more on the sidebar but these are worth looking at if you are interesting in losing weight.  Normal food with good taste.

So hopefully I'll be trying some recipes this week with photos!