A Late Tax Day Posting

I feel absolutely terrible that I missed this post....On April 15, 2006 Toby came to live with us!!!

I had been wanting a dog for quite a while, but hubby just didn't want one.  I decided to veto his vote and get one anyone.  Once he realized it was going to happen, he decided to involve himself.  I came across this on Petfinder :

Who could resist that?  He was located at Molly's Place Rescue in Mechanicsburg, PA.  So we drove up the following Saturday.  I did have some back-up dogs picked out so not to be disappointed if he were already gone.  We arrive and "Kingsley" (as he was named at the rescue) was in the corner window with his three sisters - Sissy, Prissy and Sassy (all black).  We immediately looked at him and said "Oh he'll get too big."  I then looked around at some Jack Russells they had and was trying to make a decision on one.  We went to get lunch and I decided that if I'd take the Jack Russell home it would just be because I came for a dog.  The wrong reason.  We went home empty handed.

A few weeks later we were in Chambersburg, PA and stopped at The Pet Store.  They had a cute little beagle puppy that had a huge price tag.  When we got home I checked Molly's site again and a beagle was listed.  So the next day we drove up again.

It was extremely busy that day.  As soon as we walked in the beagle howled non-stop.  We decided he was "too noisy" but continued to look around.  I found a little brown dog hiding behind the counter.  We both liked him immediately and it just happened to be "Kingsley".  Seeing him outside the windowed area, we were informed he was as big as he was going to get, which seemed a perfect size.  We decided to take him.
While I was filling out the forms and hubby was holding him, some lady came in looked around, saw hubby standing there and asked if that was Kingsley.  He informed her that it was and we were in the process of adopting him.  (This is why we saw it as a sign when we got Keyser.  It was like everyone wanted him the minute we had him).

As the photos show, Toby is a shy one and loud noises do still scare him.  But you could not ask for a better dog!