We're Just A Puggling Along...Puggling Along....

On March 22, 2008...I got this for Easter (Easter was early that year-March 23rd):

My baby Keyser Soze!!!

Oh we hadn't expected to get another dog....but we visited The Pet Store in Chambersburg, PA and found a cute little puggle that looked something like this:

She was as cute as anything and sweet as could be...but.... she had a huge price tag!!  Plus we're defenders of the "adopt don't shop" motto!  So we went home empty handed.

Once home I decided to check out Molly's Place Rescue which was where we got Toby from.  They just happened to have 3 puggle pups!  A female almost identical to the pet shop one and 2 males - one bi-color and one tri-color.  I sort of picked out the bi-color at that point, but no decision was made.

Hubby got home around 1:00 p.m. the next day which was a Saturday.  He jokingly said that he couldn't believe I hadn't driven to the rescue and got a puppy.  We gave each other the "oh- oh" look, and hopped in the car.  It bothered me on the drive up that we waited so late to go.  Everything is pretty much on a first come, first serve basis and you could lose what you're going for...being first is the best, but we were going later in the day.  When we arrived all 3 were still available!  I looked in and the bi-color was sleeping and the female was sitting next to him, but looking straight down I could see the tri-color staring at me with his big eyes and well, I fell in love.  We asked to see him.

Now we're holding him and trying to make a decision....little puppies require lots of work, patience and training.  We didn't have him out 5 minutes when in walks someone else to inquire about him...another 2 minutes and someone else came in to inquire about him...it seems a line is forming....  Well to us it was a sign so we headed to the counter for the adoption!  ( The female went with one of the others, I don't know what ever happened to the bi-color but the next day the website description changed to indicate he was blind...it's a rescue so I'm sure he ended up in a good home somewhere).

Anyway it's hard to believe it's been 4 years already!!  And Keyser is such a joy to have!

His rescue photo:

Growing up:


Fun with Toby:

Fun With Hubby:

Both must of been bad that day - lol!!

Fun with me:

Taking it easy: