A Friend Lost

There is some word that the play will hit San Francisco in October...but that's just been rumor so far.  I have a family friend from way back when that lives out there...we're friends on FaceBook...I keep thinking of emailing him and asking to stay for a few days-lol!!!  

That was part of a posting I did back in August when I was discussing Kevin Spacey's play Richard III.  During the time of the play in San Francisco, my friend's mother had a stroke and he came back home to take care of her.  He's been here since October, with a brief trip back to his home on the West Coast around Christmas.  He was planning another trip back to California in 2 weeks to take care of a few things and bring his dog back.  Last week he went to bed and never woke up.  Yesterday was the funeral.

Kenny will be missed very much.