What A Great Day!!!

Today CC and I went shopping.  Nothing new, of course, but we haven't done an all dayer for a while.

We started at the Flamingo Restaurant, where we had Blueberry Pancakes.  The pancakes at this place are HUGE and for some reason I always think I can eat two of them....never happens, but I do try each time.  We've gone here several times and this was the very first time that the service was bad.  Yes they were busy (they always are)...but the service wasn't good at all.

We then just thrift shopped and regular shopped in Chambersburg.  We hit a few new thrift shops.  One in particular was run by a church.  It was about the size of my living room (which isn't saying a lot for size) and the minute you walked in all you could smell was cat pee!!!  Needless to say, we didn't buy anything there...we were only there for several seconds as the smell was that over whelming.  Another memorable thrift store moment was in one of the shops in the downtown area.  I'm walking in the back of the store and there's this couch.  On the couch is this man sleeping and snoring......when CC got back there, this guy in a three piece suit with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth came walking out....  it was kind of creepy, we politely but quickly moved to the front door - lol!!

We ate lunch at The Texas Lunch and we each got french fries with our sandwiches.  Yes, not Weight Watchers friendly, but sometimes you have to splurge a little.  The day ended at the movies where we saw "Safe House" which was excellent.

Tiring but fun day!

Next weekend will be Kevin Spacey again!!!!