Time For A Diet Posting

I have several things to share in regards to my diet.  First, I'm not very big on any of the frozen dinners (Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc..) they just all taste really bland and they don't keep you full for a long period of time.  The other day, however, I was in the grocery store and came across these - Lean Cuisine Dips with Pita Bread:

They have several varieties of dips with pita bread.  I purchased the spinach artichoke one and I must say it was very good.  You get 2 servings in a box and each serving is 5 pts.  But it does make a nice little snack:

I do recommend these.  Another find while grocery shopping was this - Kraft Mago Chipotle Dressing:

Coming in at 2 pts. for 2 tablespoons - it is worth every point.  I like salads but often find them boring...this dressing has really kicked it up for me and I've been eating a small salad everyday for lunch!

Another great find is this Weight Watcher App:  WW Diary
This a a FREE android app that I've been messing with for quite a while - however they've done some upgrades which are extremely good and if you want anything additional it only costs $1.00 a month.  I've opted to give the pay version a try (you can cancel at anytime).  I can pay Weight Watchers $13.00 a month to weigh me and then $12.95 a month for their e-tools....or I can weigh myself for free and pay $1.00 a month for this app.  It's kind of a no-brainer.  I do not advise, however, for everyone to dump their Weight Watcher meetings and get this app...but if you're a lifetimer that is just fighting with a few pounds over goal, it may be worth it.  The app does have a scanner on it but the database is very small...however you can scan a barcode and if the item isn't in the database, you can add it.  If you truly don't want to give up that scanner, there is an unofficial one available as well:  WW ScanCalc  Again, it's a FREE app.