I’m a Weight Watcher person…I really am.  I think they have a good program and if you follow it correctly, you can lose weight.

But I’ve been having a bit of an issue being LIFETIME.  Because I’m weighing in monthly anywhere between 1-3 lbs. over my goal…I have to pay.  And for some reason staying on plan isn’t helping get those few extras pounds off that need to go away so I don’t have to pay.

I love the staff and members at my meeting.  It’s a good social time and everyone is in the same boat – we need to lose weight.  I like that support.  But, staying on plan isn’t helping get those few extra pounds off and it’s getting frustrating.

Today I was introduced to a site called LOSE IT via Roni's Weigh.  It’s a calorie counting, free website.  I discovered from the forums that there are many Lifetime Weight Watchers that just couldn’t do it anymore….they needed a change.

I downloaded the phone app and fell in love with it!  Weight Watchers android app, though useful, is clunky, slow and not user friendly – I find their bar code scanner extremely slow (and God forbid if it wants you to sign in again); but Lose It’s app is crisp, clear, fast and very user friendly.  I’ve downloaded it to my phone and tablet both and they sync to each other as well as to the website.  I absolutely LOVE IT!!  And I can’t praise their bar code scanner enough (though it doesn't count points, of course)!

I’m not giving up on Weight Watchers…I plan on printing out my daily food intake from Lose It and calculate the points.  I’m interested in how the points average out into calories (too much free fruit can slow your weight loss).  But more than anything it’s a free app that I can use in place of the paying WW one – and that’s a plus in my book!  I’ve tried others, but this is the only one I found that I really like!

Lose It doesn’t give you the “extra calories” for those little extra things like Weight Watchers does with their weekly anytime points.  But it doesn’t prevent you from going over either (nor scold you)…it will just show your calories over for that day and as long as you aren’t doing it everyday – you should be all right!

Yes you have to be disciplined...but you have to with any diet, right???


  1. Interesting. I have ballooned! I did well over the Holidays, but now the pants aren't fitting. I was thinking of doing a Low/No Carb week or 2, but this sounds like it might be fun….something different.

    1. Yes, I just signed up and logged my food for the day. I'm a sucker for FREE!

  2. I'm a new member over at the Lose It! forums and found your blog posted there. I agree; the Android App is amazing and I feel like the site is more user friendly than Weight Watchers was, but that's just me.


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