I Quit

It's been coming, I'm sure you've seen it.  The hints have been there.  But today I decided that I'm quitting Weight Watchers.

It has nothing to do with Weight Watchers.  I consider them a great program and I've learned a lot.  I eat less and much healthier than I ever have and I highly recommend them to everyone.

But, I just don't need them anymore.  I know the program, I have the tools to do the program.  I don't attend meetings anymore, I just weigh-in once a month and since I'm still averaging 2-3 lbs. above goal...I'm basically paying them $13.00 a month to weigh me.  I can weigh myself for free!!  If I ever find the weight truly packing on, I'd be right back, but for now I just don't need them.

It's very liberating!!