Alrighty Then....

The one thing I learned this past week on Lose It, is that I eat way too many calories.  Oh, it maintains me where I am (didn’t lose or gain) but it’s way too much to be in lose mode.  Looking at the Weight Watchers end, even though I’m not using over 29 daily points and using all weeklies, it apparently is too many points for me to lose (though it shouldn’t be).  But seeing the calories of even healthy items (fruit for example) is a big eye opener.

On the Lose It forum, someone wanted to know what a point equates to.  Hmmm…that is a good question.  What is a point?  We know it’s a calculation involving Fat, Fiber, Carbs and Protein but why not just track those items?  I think another WW at Lose It nailed the answer:  At one time points were much easier to keep track of then calories, however, with so many apps available to do the tracking for you, everything is easy now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Weight Watchers supporter, I’m where I am today because of Weight Watchers and I defend them every time someone on the forum takes a jab at them (it seems all the WW people there do defend them).  I plan on still going to the meetings, weigh-ins, etc..  I’m just done with paying for their app (I’ll use it again when I’m back at goal and maintaining because it’s free then).  CC and I also don’t always stay for the meetings, though we stop in for the monthly weigh-in, weekly and any freebies…the meetings are designed for those losing not maintaining – WW needs to have meetings specifically designed for Lifetimers.  That would be a huge help.

I also think that Lose It will give me the opportunity to compare calories to points and that I’ll be able to figure out the correct daily point target for my body that will help it lose and then maintain.

Weight Loss is always a learning process.  And thank God for apps, because it's hard to get away from points once it's engraved in your brain - lol!!