Weight Watchers Points Plus

Remember - see your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

My diet of choice is Weight Watchers.  Why? Because Weight Watchers allows me the freedom to eat whatever I want (within reason of course).

Weight Watchers assigns point values to food. The points are determine by a calculation of the fat, carbs, fiber and protein of the food item.  You'll be assigned a total amount of points to use each day plus 49 weekly points to use throughout the week for special occasions or when you need some extras (parties, etc..), exercise can earn you additional points.  As you lose weight, your daily points will go down.  The lowest daily points is 26, so you'll never go lower than that.  The current plan is called Point Plus. Points Plus was introduced in November 2010.

Points Plus differs from the original Points plan as the points are calculated differently and fresh fruits are now zero points.  Making fruits zero helps members choose healthier options (fruit over a 100 calorie pack) but definitely doesn't mean you should go into fruit overload.  This year they've added ways to making the plan "Your Plan"...as we all know diets are not One Size Fits All!

Weight Watchers can be done online or at meetings.  There are many tools available to help with this program - phone apps; online tools; recipe sites by Weight Watcher members, etc...  I highly recommend it!  It's doable and can be done from a lifetime!